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  • An Osmond Fan’s Dream

    Teenyboppers of a Seventies vintage will be overjoyed to hear Donny and Marie Osmond are busy recording their first album together for 31 years.

    Industry insiders predict that the toothsome brother and sister, now aged 51 and 49 respectively, who enjoyed a string of hits such as Morning Side Of The Mountain before embarking on solo careers, could be chart bound once again.

    Their new record “definitely has a lot of hits on it,” predicts Don Marrandino, the hotel executive who reunited them as Las Vegas headliners last autumn and has heard a preview. “It features a lot of love songs. What resonates is that it’s so young, hip and good.”

    The album, due out later this year, is being engineered by Donny himself in a sound studio he built in his Las Vegas dressing room. “I love the way it’s turning out,” says Donny, whose last solo album was a surprise bestseller and spawned a Top 10 single Breeze On By.

    We sense another wave of Osmond mania is coming– just don’t get envious, David Cassidy fans!

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