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  • Dancing With The Scars

    …a line I’ve used on more than one occasion. But with the reality of this show, it is so true. I can’t count how many times Kym and I have been injured on the dance floor.

    Some of you heard about the incident when I pulled out Kym’s hair extensions. (You many have even seen the picture.) Well, that happened more than once — three times, to be exact. After the many scalpings, I think she came to the decision of not putting those back in until we finish Dancing With The Stars.

    If you think this is one-sided, you’re in for a surprise. Kym has a lethal elbow; especially when she goes into one of those tornado-like spins. In fact, there was one time during rehearsal when her elbow connected with my mouth. Needless to say, we took a 30-minute break while I iced my jaw.

    Don’t worry I got my payback. You see, some of the dance routines get a little dangerous. One accident that comes to mind came during our rehearsal for the salsa. The dance required a choreographed kick over Kym’s head. It wasn’t intentional, but I didn’t get my leg high enough, and nearly knocked her out.

    Aside from these incidents, every week I come back with another battle wound. I’m just crossing my fingers that these injuries remain minor.

    And, that’s why I call it Dancing With The Scars.

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