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  • One week down, more dances to come

    I know I’ve said this before, but being a part of Dancing With The Stars is exciting– and hard work. Who would’ve thought that ballroom dancing is so exhausting. I have a newfound appreciation for the dance.

    Anyway, I’m sure you all watched this week’s shows. Could you tell that I was a little nervous? The judges sure did; they called my performance a bit over the top. What was the word Len used? It was too much “razzmatazz.”

    He’s right. I appreciate the critique. In fact, I agreed with everything the judges had to say. Sure it was hard to take, because I’m trying really hard – I’m a perfectionist. But, I’ve taken their remarks to heart and implementing them into rehearsals.

    By the way, you’re all in for a little treat on this next dance. I didn’t know feet could move this fast.

    Ok, I’m heading back to the dance floor. Then back to the Flamingo for another show tonight. Someone remind me that I’m 51!

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