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  • The calm before the storm

    Weeks of dance rehearsals, and it all comes down to this.

    Kym and I have been dancing our feet off trying to get ready for this week. I’m here to tell you (and I’ve done a fair bit of dancing in my life) ballroom dancing is demanding; every night I go to bed exhausted. But, despite the constant fatigue, I’m loving every minute of this: the challenge of learning a new dance each week keeps me on my toes. 🙂

    This is the calm before the storm. The rehearsals are over; it’s show time! In a couple hours, I’ll be heading to the ballroom floor to get ready for the premiere of Dancing With The Stars on ABC. This is exciting!

    For me, it seems a little silly to start campaigning for votes — I feel like a politician. But, I ask for your vote.

    We haven’t been issued our voting number, yet. And, we don’t know the dancing order; you’ll just have to watch beginning Monday, September 21st 8/7c.

    I’ll update this blog regularly, and keep you in the loop about what’s happening. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get updates there as well.

    One last thing before I go… in the spirit of the song Puppy Love, “someone vote for me, vote for me, vote for me please!”


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