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  • Getting Jitters for the Jitter Bug

    One would think that these dances would get easier once you’ve learned the basic steps. I wish that were the case. Each dance has its own challenging elements that require more than just fancy foot-work. I certainly learned that with the Argentine Tango, a dance that has more attitude than those I’ve danced in the past.

    I can’t tell you how much time I spent watching professional dancers, trying to find the dramatic element that was needed to perform to the liking of the judges. But the most important factor that paid off was “Listen to the teacher.” Kym is not only a great dancer/choreographer, but she’s also a fabulous teacher. When we saw the paddles pop up from behind the judges table (10, 9, 10), it was exhilarating for the both of us!

    But, I can’t hang the next dance on my laurels. The dance next week is the jitter bug, a completely different type of animal: fun, lively, and way too many dance steps! Kym has already begun to choreograph this dance. And let me tell you, I’m diggin’ deep to find a fountain of youth, because I’ll need it.

    As always, thank you for your continued support during Dancing With The Stars. I really appreciate your votes.

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