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  • Riding the Bullet Train

    Monday night’s dances were intense, and there was no stopping the bullet train. Going from the jitterbug, and minutes later, to dancing the mambo was a non-stop cardio-workout.

    The dances are becoming more technical, and everyone is pulling out all the stops to get the judges’ attention.

    After last week, dancing the Argentine tango and scoring a 29, I wanted to do the best I could. But, I also knew that I had to keep expectations at a minimum. I was pleased with last night’s score — 24.

    Additionally, the mambo was a fun dance. Dancing in this competition is intimidating; especially, when you’ve got nine couples sharing the floor.

    Despite being a little winded from our ‘choo-choo’, Kym and I came in fourth.

    Tonight, it is up to the voters to push us through to next week. Thanks for your votes and support.

    It’s double elimination tonight.

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