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  • Two More, Too Much

    It’s hard enough to watch one couple leave every week, let alone two. Throughout the season it is not fun to watch friends leave; you begin to establish an affinity for each other. We all know the sacrifices made to participate in this show, as well as the blood, sweat, and tears we share.

    No one likes to be at the bottom of the leader board, and tonight we saw three red lights. in the end, we lost two more friends: Melissa and Louie.

    Backstage I always enjoyed my conversations with Melissa. She was always so upbeat about everything; even when she struggled with a dance. She never let the critique get to her — a great person to be around.

    Louie, Louie! I think I’m finally going to get some sleep — no more crazy energy drinks. All jokes aside, it was good to have a fellow Utahan in this bunch. I wish you good luck on your goals for the Olympics. Maybe, if you get a free minute, you can show me how to tackle the half-pipe this winter. Then again… maybe not.

    During these last few weeks, I’ve gotten to know both Melissa and Louie. We’ve shared laughs and swapped stories about our experiences on Dancing With The Stars. I’m going to miss having them around for the remainder of the show. In the mean time, back to rehearsing.

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