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  • Why Dance When I Sing?

    Recently there have been a few questions the come up during interviews. Although, the phrasing is always different, the underlining theme behind all of them is the same — Why did I decide to do Dancing With The Stars?

    The short answer is that I’m an extremely competitive person. I love new challenges. Just take a look at my career over the past few years. I’ve tried just about anything I wanted to, which includes boxing and racing cars.

    The challenge of doing something I’ve never done before is also exciting. Those opportunities force me to break out of a comfort zone and branch into (at least for me) uncharted territory.

    OK, so when I first heard about doing Dancing With The Stars, I may have brushed it aside. I’m mean what’s so difficult about the waltz, or the cha-cha; it’s no more than step here, step there, shake your hips. Boy, was I wrong!

    I’ve always appreciated the arts; it’s a part of my trade. However, being immersed in ballroom dance gives me a whole new level of respect. You can get seriously injured doing these dances — I’m not talking about bumps and bruises. Stress fractures don’t just happen to Tom Delay.

    So, back to the question… Why did I decide to do Dancing With The Stars? I love a good challenge.

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