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  • Nine to Five

    In the short time of only two shows, we’ve gone from nine contestants down to five. The pressure of staying on this show is rising. But amidst the angst of elimination uncertainty, I still enjoy participating in this show — maybe some weeks more than others.

    However, if I never dance the quick-step ever again, it will be too soon. But, I’m sure everyone has felt that way about a dance they’ve all ready performed. Regardless, there have been some fun dances this season. The team tango dance was a highlight for me.

    Dancing in formation with Joanna and Kelly was great. It was also helpful to get a male perspective on dancing the tango from both Louis and Derek. And of course, Kym’s additions to the choreography were perfect. The judges sure liked the performance. Just that they offered us the encore dance was cool!

    But, with all of this excitement we’ve lost two more good friends: Michael and Mark. Throughout these past seven weeks, Michael always inspired us to work together as a team. Even though we were competing against each other, he knew what it meant to collaborate and put on a good show.

    Mark’s constant enthusiasm was top-notch, and it showed. I don’t think there was a moment, in any of his dances, were he slowed down. What I wouldn’t give to do a back flip! Going into week 8, I may need it.

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