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  • The Only Man Standing

    I’m in the semifinals!

    It seems like years have past since we started Dancing With The Stars; it’s hard to believe the show began only two months ago. Am I getting tired? Yes. But, I’m not giving up; I want to go all the way.

    Rehearsals are getting tricky now. It’s during these times, when I’m burdened with this much pressure, that I need to find balance. It’s true that hard work and practice are the quintessential components for dancing well, but you got to have fun.

    These last couple weeks, I’ve started asking myself, “How do I maintain focus, drive and determination, and still have fun with the dancing?” This is a dilemma I’m facing right now.

    If I work too hard and focus too much on the steps, I’m going to get caught up in the minutia of the dance and miss out on the performance. If I don’t take it seriously enough, I’ll never commit to memory all of the steps — from the first down beat, until the last cymbal crash.

    So, can I still have fun, and maintain focus?

    Maybe there is no hard, fast answer to this question, but regardless, I’m going to make it fun. But, don’t think for a minute that I’m not pushing through to be the last man standing. Oh, wait… Mya, Joanna, Kelly, me… I’m the only man standing.

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