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  • This is the “Final” Moment

    When I first accepted the offer to do Dancing With The Stars, I knew I had my work cut out form me. Marie set the bar; it was third place or bust!

    After Monday night’s performance, I was a little nervous that my dream of getting to the finals wouldn’t be realized. Let’s be honest. Seeing three “sevens” in a row may mean you’re lucky in Vegas, but the same isn’t true when you’re competing on the dance floor. It was one of those moments when you see your entire dancing career flash before your eyes. Unfortunately, I blinked and missed it all.

    However, I was saved. And, received a place in the finals Tuesday night because of you — everyone who is supporting me. It was your phone calls, your text messages, your online submissions that pulled me through. Thank you!

    Now, the culmination of nine weeks filled with blood, sweat and tears comes down to this — the finals. I’m learning four dances this week, and I’m going to give everything I’ve got to burn the floor. But, I’m going to have fun, whatever the outcome.

    This is it. This is the “final” moment!

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