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  • Donny & Marie Show Clips on YouTube

    You’ve all asked for it, and we are making it happen.

    For years, we’ve all wanted to see old clips of the 1970’s Donny & Marie Show, and scouring the internet to find bootlegs of any clips (regardless of quality) seemed to appease the appetite.Well… the waiting has come to an end! After more than 30 years, has indexed each season and every show to give you individualized clips of Donny and Marie on their variety talk show.

    But, before we start posting any random clip from the archive, we want to know what you remember from the Donny & Marie Show. What was your favorite skit? What actor would you like to see performing with Donny and Marie? Leave us your memories in the comments box below, and we’ll start posting them on Donny’s YouTube Channel.

    If you think that’s all, we’ve got a surprise for you. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned in on for more information.


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