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    During the August 2010 Get Together in Las Vegas, those in attendance selected 10 participants (by applause) to be a part of Donny’s inaugural Make A Difference Program — M.A.D.

    M.A.D., Donny’s brainchild, was created for the purpose of giving individuals with ideas to support their own communities a leg up on getting a service-oriented projects that would make a difference to those whom they wished to serve. Each of the ten participants were given $300 and a small hand-held video camera to start and document their projects.

    From time to time, will feature each one of these M.A.D. Projects and highlight the progress. Below is a list of each participant, a brief on their projects, and links (when available) to find out how each are M.A.D.

    —— Here are our 10 M.A.D. people for 2010/2011.

    * Aracely Pesek — “MAD for Southern Sudan” Is working on a project that will help fund and furnish an all-girl’s boarding school in Southern Sudan by selling more than 1,000 bracelets. The children are currently sleeping on the ground.

    To find out more about Aracely’s M.A.D. project, check out her website of Facebook Page


    * Cindy Kirk — “The Season of Love Project” is non-profit organization which provides a comprehensive support system for families experiencing a medical crisis. Season of Love customizes a support plan for each family by taking into consideration their unique needs and circumstances, and then enlists their network of volunteers to come alongside the family to fill needs as they are identified. The Project is designed to use technological tools such as emails, text messages, and other internet services to coordinate the personal support network.

    To find out more about “The Season of Love Project,” visit their website.


    * Courtney Guler — “MAD About Music” is an education-based project that will help to bring musical instruments into schools, and bringing more awareness of the power of music in education.


    * James and Laurie Hallam — “Pay It Forward” provides continual donations to the many charities around the world like the “Childrens Wish Foundation”, the “Childrens Miracle Network”, “Breast Cancer”, and “MS”. Website, Blog or Facebook


    * Lesley Hawkins — “Make A Difference (MAD) in the Philippines” is helping to empower children through education. Their goal is to provide educational supplies to impoverished schools in the Philippines, and more information about this project can be found on Facebook.


    * Lezhai Gulbransen — Making A Difference One Step At A Time:

    About the M.A.D. Marathon

    In 2006 I was an unhappy, unhealthy and unmotivated person. I didn’t like who I had become. I knew I was capable of so much more. It was then and there that I decided that someday I was going to be a Marathoner…

    It was a lot of work…my dedication faltered daily, then weekly, then monthly…until finally I did it… I AM A MARATHONER!!!! Hardest thing I have ever done. Not the run itself, but the journey out of the trenches and into the light!
    I am now happier and healthier than I ever thought I would be! I continue the journey through life and through it all I have learned one thing: You CAN Make A Difference One Step At A Time!!!

    Through my journey I have learned SO much about myself and what I am capable of! Because I learned SO much I wanted to help other people find that inside of themselves. I created the M.A.D. Marathon to encourage people who have never attempted to run before to make a difference in their own lives. We have a created the Marathon set for May 14th and also M.A.D. Dash that people around the world can do what they can walk/run/jog a distance of their choosing to help them change their idea of what they are capable of.

    So please join us in making a difference and challenge yourself to go a little further and push a little harder.

    All proceeds from the Marathon and M.A.D. Dash will go to benefit the Olive Osmond Perpetual Fund.

    Check out their Website or Facebook


    * Linda Lanyon — “Chihuahua Rescue” provides assistance wherever there is a Chihuahua in need. They achieve this by taking dogs into a network of foster homes or by referral/assistance through our many rescue contacts. Website or Facebook


    * Lisa Preskitt — “Make a Difference: Make Life Great” program is enlisting the help of local sixth-graders to write letters of encouragement to the service men and women of our nation, thanking them for the service they provide in keeping freedom alive. In addition to the letters of gratitude to service men and women, the main component of the “Make a Difference: Make Like Great” program is an anti-bullying campaign and random acts of kindness chain they are creating through community service projects.


    * Lorraine Connors — “Make A Difference In The Heart” campaign is aimed at helping individuals through life’s challenges. This campaign has all ready sent out more than 3,000 cards of concern to individuals struggling.


    * Susan Cotten — “M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles” — The mission of my program is to provide oral health care to the uninsured, and special populations. To join the fight against oral cancer through education and oral cancer screenings, and educate everyone on the causes of oral cancer. While smoking, chewing tobacco, and high alcohol use are the most widely known causes, there is one cause of oral cancer that is on the rise, but not widely known… that is the HPV virus. Just as HPV can cause cervical cancer in women, it is now known to cause oral cancer in both men and women. I also want to educate everyone on the affects “gum disease” has on systemic health, specifically cardiovascular health, diabetes, and pregnancy.

    Here is the link to Susan’s Facebook page.


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