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  • Chihuahua Rescue going M.A.D.

    We are nearing the end of 2010, and have started getting regular updates from our M.A.D. Friends. We love hearing about all the things our M.A.D. group is doing to make a difference in communities worldwide.

    Wanna know why everyone is M.A.D.? Come check out our ten M.A.D. member for 2010/2011. Click Here

    Here’s another update from Linda… Hi Donny!

    Here is my monthly update!! I’m taking a break from report cards, and since I’m away next weekend , the update is coming early!

    November has been a FABULOUS month!!!!!

    * 1) I applied for and won the 2010 Animal Grant from Buy and Sell Magazine of $6000.00 worth of FREE advertising!!!
    * 2) The Langley Times ran a FULL PAGE article on the MAD program!
    * 3) On November 6th, I travelled to Nanaimo and did a spot about our rescue group on a local (SHAW tv) station.
    * 4) On November 14, CTV news did a segment on BC Chihuahua Rescue and MAD!!!!! This is a MAJOR news station in Canada!!
    * 5) Christie Legally (Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition) posted my letter that I have written to the Victoria, Langley and Nanaimo Councils regarding the ban of puppies in pet stores.
    * 6) I have heard from the city council from each of these cities that the letter will be a point of discussion at the next meeting.
    * 7) Since Vegas we have 12 new foster families, 26 dogs adopted out, I have answered 208 inquiries about Rescue, and processed 58 applications for dogs.
    * 8) The MAD supporters slideshow is updated! Click Here
    * 9) The M.A.D. About Rescue Facebook Membership is now up to 1352 Members who continually network to save dogs around the world!!
    * 10) And of course we continue to fundraise with our M.A.D Jewellery Line!
    * 11) Next week I will be in Nanaimo for our Pet Photo shoot with Santa for a fundraiser!!

    December should be a slower month as we take a period of time and not adopt out dogs during the Christmas season, as we do not want to promote giving dogs as a Christmas present.
    So for now, you have been updated!!

    Take Care,

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