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  • M.A.D. With Your Heart


    * 42 countries are onboard with people doing and sharing ideas on a daily base, families talking about M.A.D. With Your Heart during their family nights, people joining in on the prayer chain as well as adding our to theirs, children at a Daycare learning about M.A.D. With Your Heart and doing art projects to take home to their Mother and Father showing how they can M.A.D.
    * Started at zero on Face Book now have reached 2500 and growing each day with people from all around the world, and every walk of life. The respond has been phenomenal as people are getting off the wheel of life and seeing how blessed they are.
    * I have send out over 4,000 cards out re: MAD With Your Heart and have had people pass them around to their friends to help spread the word. I am designing new cards to go out on a daily base . People will be able to pass on to friends that just need a kind word, to give them hope, to let them know they are not alone..
    * So many lives have been helped. With support talks on-line and by phone when necessary. I spend anywhere from 10 to 28 hours per week (day and night) Plus!!! My PC is on 24/7 for people that are in need. I have received e-mails from so many people as on how I have helped them through their individual struggles without even know it. Through my Face Book Page with daily inspirational thoughts, songs from Donny and The Osmond’s that come from their souls to us with love. Eight major lives have been saved. I’m unable reveal these stories as they are real people with some very shattered hearts.
    * Started a prayer chain on Face Book that now has gone global. People and other prayer groups around the world, are now joining hands in prayer to M.A.D.. The average requests for prayers, support and encouragement run from 50 – up to as many as 200 per day.
    * I started a World Map of Purple Heart’s to be given at next years GT to show Donny how many people have done something to help M.A.D. WITH YOUR HEART As of today we have 5053 purple hearts on it from around the world, and growing.
    * Fern has joined hands with me with her Purple Angels she is making. They sell for $20 Canadian including shipping world wide. She will then donate $10 from the sales to M.A.D. WITH YOUR HEART to be presented at the 2011 GT to Donny toward The Children Miracle Network.

    See who else is M.A.D.

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