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  • MAD Bracelets Update on Education in S. Sudan

    Here’s another update from our M.A.D. bracelet makers raising money to improve education in S. Sudan. Would you like to know why these individuals are M.A.D.? Check out a few of our [M.A.D. individuals](

    Hi Donny!

    My daughter, Lindsey, and I are having so much fun getting the community involved with our MAD program. She has had 3 bracelet-making “parties” at our house and one at her high school. This week or next, more students will be joining her with this project at school. Attached is a photo of one of the get-togethers and also an article written in Lindsey’s school paper about our MAD project. I thought the reporter did a great job, though our program name was incorrect and unfortunately our charity, Project Education Sudan, was not mentioned. Overall, it was a nice surprise to read about Lindsey and our efforts! Project Education Sudan’s newsletter team and a small local paper want to write a story about our project on their future issues.

    We’re making over 1,200 bracelets in the next 2 months, so the kids have certainly been busy braiding any chance they get!

    On Oct 17, we participated in the Walk for Sudan which helps to bring clean water to the remote villages in southern Sudan where some of the schools we help are located. Lindsey carried the banner for Project Education Sudan during the walk while I worked at our sponsor table. On Oct.26, we held a fundraiser at our local Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. They generously donated 20% of sales from meals purchased by our supporters that night. We had over 50 friends attend and it sure was a fun evening of visiting and helping our cause at the same time!! We are planning several more at different restaurants throughout the coming months. I’ve attached photos from each of those events.

    For December, we are looking forward to a bake sale during a Christmas craft fair at a local business. We also have been collecting unwanted items from neighbors and friends for our Spring 2011 Garage Sale to benefit Ayak Anguei. And Lindsey is waiting for approval to hold a Swim-a-Thon next spring at either her high school or the city pool where she lifeguards. Fun stuff, Donny!!!

    Thank you Donny for initiating this awesome charitable program!! Several of us MAD winners have been working together to support each other’s causes. They are all dedicated ladies with amazing projects that are already Making a Difference! I feel truly honored to be among them.

    Best wishes,


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