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    This is a week of updates from our M.A.D. individuals. Here’s one from Lisa who is Making Life Great. *”Make A Difference: Make Life Great” is a program that hopes to change lives by reminding everyone that with the right attitude about life and by treating others with respect and kindness, we can all lead a fuller, happier life. I am working with 250 sixth grade students to stop bullying and to promote random acts of kindness. So far, each student has written a hand-written letter of gratitude to someone who has made a difference in their life. Many students wrote to former teachers and those letters have been delivered. In addition, after an assembly introducing the program to the students and after one of their teachers shared her story of how bullying has affected her life, all students completed an anti-bullying pledge. These strips were joined together and are displayed in the school’s hallway as a visual reminder to stop all forms of bullying. The program has already spread, as our eighth grade counselor has repeated the program with her students. The sixth graders have also created anti-bullying public service announcements and posters to spread the message that bullying must stop. Besides pledging to stop bullying, the students are focusing on being kind to others on a daily basis. Whenever they see an random act of kindness, or if they themselves go out of their way to be extra kind, they are completing a “Kindness Strip” to add onto our anti-bully chain. As the chain grows, students will learn that being kind to others can enrich the lives of the recipient and their own lives in return. From time to time, students are rewarded for their acts of kindness with candy treats.

    Future aspects of “Make A Difference: Make Life Great” will include sending letters of appreciation to service men and women, as well as involving all of the students in community service work. There is a lot more to come, including a Facebook page to showcase our efforts. This will allow all member of to become involved. I will not be asking for monetary support, but instead will ask that we all make the lives of those around us a little better by following the Golden Rule, thus making the world a better place. I will even be offering small prizes such as pictures of Donny as a reward to those of you who participate. Until then, please remember that you have the opportunity each day of making your life and the lives of those around you as full and happy as possible. The little things you do really can “Make A Difference!”*

    This is just one example of someone M.A.D. Want to find out who else is M.A.D.? Come check out those who are making a difference in their communities.

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