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  • One M.A.D. Step At A Time

    Lezhai, one of our tem M.A.D. individuals is making a difference one step at a time. We recently received an update from her campaign.

    Why are all these people M.A.D.? Come see how ten people are making a difference in their communities. Making A Difference One Step At A Time

    Amazing things are happening and developing! I have loved working with SO many people that are changing their lives! I am humbled by the many people that have told me they are running for the first time, trying to lose weight or something as simple as walking more!

    May 14th 2011 we are hosting an amazing event here in Idaho Falls, ID. We will be hosting a Full Marathon, Half, 10K, 5K and a 1 Mile Fun Run! We are gearing this event specifically for first time walkers/joggers/runners. We have had so much support from the community to help everyone make a difference in their lives.

    In addition to this Marathon Event we are also sponsoring the M.A.D. Dash. The M.A.D. Dash is a global initiative to get people to move. People all over the world are already participating! On May 14th everyone is going to go out and do their best. Whether that is walking a block, a mile, or even a full Marathon of 26.2 miles! We encourage everyone to check it out and take on the challenge

    We are organizing a M.A.D. Dash in Sacramento, California. If you would like to join with other M.A.D. participants please email and we can get you their contact information. However we are all joining together on our facebook group page: M.A.D. Dash

    Now the part that goes beyond ourselves. Not only are we making a difference in our own lives, but we have aligned with the Olive Osmond Perpetual Hearing Fund and we are donating all our proceeds to their amazing fund. Please find out more about this wonderful charity founded by Justin Osmond at their official website. They are raising funds to bless children with the gift of hearing. They are going to Ethiopia in the Spring 2011 to fit children for hearing aids that otherwise would not be able to hear.

    We have more exciting events coming up and will be making those announcements shortly! Let’s all join together to MAKE A DIFFERENCE ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!

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