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  • Going M.A.D. for Eduction in 2011

    These M.A.D. projects are taking place all over the world. It’s exciting to see how people are making a difference in far reaching communities. Here is M.A.D. for Education in Southern Sudan’s latest update.

    Want to find our more about the Make A Difference Program? Click here for details. We had a few fundraising events during the month of December, but we took the latter half of the month to just enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends. Visiting my family in NJ and seeing your Broadway Christmas show certainly made this past holiday one of my most memorable! The show was fantastic – entertainment at its best!

    We held raffles for two Avon baskets generously donated by Rita Gonzalez. Here are two photos of Rita drawing the winning ticket for each basket. The proceeds generated enough to fund one bunk bed plus bedding supplies or daily nourishment, school supplies, books, and personal hygiene needs for 6 girls for a full month.


    Lindsey held friendship bracelet sales at her high school on two days during lunchtime in December. Attached is a photo from that event. We were very successful both days and many students asked us to come back again in January. Friends from her activities outside of school have also made donations for the bracelets. We are in the process of gathering another group of kids (and possibly some adults) to help braid more bracelets – our goal is to make 1,300 bracelets to be sold in pairs! One bracelet goes to the donor, the other one will be personally delivered to a girl at Ayak Anguei. In addition to our local friends and students, donors from around the world can participate in this project by using PayPal through my website at


    This month, we will begin selling the original frozen Butter Braid pastries to our Denver area supporters. If the program is successful, we will consider having a Butter Braid fundraiser each month.

    For the loyal Donny & Marie fans, we have been busy collecting several memorabilia and collectible items which will be available on eBay. Once Project Education Sudan, our 501(c)3 partner, registers with eBay Giving Works, we will begin adding the items. Donny, these items are treasures! We have an old (very old) Donny and Marie record player and several LP’s, D&M Barbie dolls (I mean, action figures), a couple of Dancing with D&M instruction books (you used some of those moves on DWTS, didn’t you?), and many more. We will also put together some baskets of newer items from your show at the Flamingo and even from the Broadway Christmas show! Oh yes, and a very special purple washcloth which dutifully wiped the sweat from your face and neck during your show on Oct. 23. Thank you for okaying the auctioning of the towel. It’s for a good cause!

    We are anxiously awaiting the decision from Lindsey’s high school whether or not they will approve our Singing Valentines fundraiser. Several of her friends have already signed up to help with this fun event!

    Our dedication continues to inspire many in our community and at Lindsey’s school to join our cause and help the young girls in the remote villages in the Bor area of southern Sudan. Whether the people of southern Sudan vote for independence or remain a part of Sudan, their strong desire to provide their children with an education will continue. Their dream (and ours) is to give every child that hope.

    Kind regards,
    and Lindsey!

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