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  • Making Life Great with Kids M.A.D.

    Saying that your children are going MAD could have people turning their heads wondering what you are up to. But Lisa is doing just that with her Making Life Great campaign. She sent us a brief update to let us know how she is making life great with kids going M.A.D.

    Want to find our more about the Make A Difference Program? Click here for details. Dear Donny,

    Here is an update for my MAD program. I am also including some pictures of my wonderful students. I have a signed release form for each child, giving me permission to send you the pictures and for you to use them on your web site or to promote your MAD program. I have attached a copy of the letter for your information. It has been so much fun collecting these letters since many of the moms have included cute little notes about how much they have always loved you, or about how they share a birthday with you or had a bedroom covered with your posters when they were younger. Almost all of the 250 student’s parents have said “yes” to allowing me to send you the pictures. I’ll make sure that the few who responded “no” are not included in any pictures that I send to you.

    Being a part of your MAD team has truly made this the best school year ever for me, and I’ve been teaching middle school for 27 years! I am reminded each day that I can grumble and complain, or I can Make Life Great. Just as you Make Life Great for your fans, I have chosen to do my best to Make Life Great for myself, for those around me, and for my students.

    MADly yours,
    Lisa Preskitt




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