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  • Forums are moving to Facebook

    Last week Donny made the following announcement on Facebook:

    How is everyone doing on Facebook!?

    I love this technology, and the ability it gives us to connect with each other. It’s cool that so many of you are here on Facebook. I started my page around the time I was getting ready to do Dancing With The Stars. (By the way, thanks again for all your votes.)

    Some of you know that I originally started something like this on my site with the forums, but I think Facebook is so much better since we can all connect, share pictures and even have chats. In fact, I got online the other day to check out my Facebook page, and I realized that so much is going on, but I’ve not been able to respond to your inquiries and comments. You have some great questions to find out what I’m up to with my current projects.

    As you’ve noticed, I’m Tweeting quite a bit lately and I’m online from time to time; it really is quite fun to keep in contact with everyone around the world. But I can’t be on here all day long (although it would be fun), so I’ve enlisted the help of a team of people to help me stay updated on what’s happening on Facebook, and to keep you updated on what’s happening with me. So let’s keep it going. If I’m not on here they will be.

    Because of the convenience and advanced technology that Facebook provides, I want to move the forums to Facebook so I can keep you updated more efficiently.

    Most importantly, I want to make my Facebook page fun and entertaining to visit. That’s why I’m opening up this page to YOU. You can post photos, make engaging comments, and ask questions. I only ask that you we keep this page “family safe”; no suggestive material — comments or photos. Please! As long as we can all agree to that standard, I’ll keep this Facebook page open for a long time.

    Don’t forget that this is still my official page… I’ll be here, and hope to chat with you online soon.

    Donny Osmond

    The purpose of this announcement was two-fold: to inform that more online social interaction would be available for those wishing to chat directly with Donny, and that the Forums will soon be closing. The specific date for the closing of the forums is scheduled for March 15. The decision was made based on the fact that the Facebook platform offers a more interactive way for dotcommers to connect and do more than show post on conversation threads.

    Donny opened his official Facebook page for everyone to post comments pictures and video freely. He encourages all who participate on Facebook to share stories of past concerts, fun stories, and Osmond trivia by posting comments and photos.

    If you’ve not taken the opportunity to visit Donny’s Facebook Page, click here to join the fun and entertaining conversations regarding Donny’s current projects, as well as connect with friends across the globe.

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