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  • MAD in the Philippines is gaining momentum

    The MAD in the Philippines project has been gathering momentum recently.

    Want to find our more about the Make A Difference Program? Click here for details. First and most important of all our first shipment of pencilcases reached the children. The children were very happy to receive their gifts! Thank you so much to all those who donated items. We are still collecting pencilcases as there are plenty more children we can help. Please send any donations to PO Box 580 Egham Surrey TW20 2UA England. If you live in the US we love Amazon vouchers too!

    I paid a visit to Osmania last month where I was quite overwhelmed by the massive pile of supplies donated by the attendees. I would like to give a huge thank you to both Karens for inviting me to their event and to all those who welcomed me so warmly and supported my project.

    We have launched two new initiatives this month. We are now collecting books for a school library service in Manila. Any children’s books, particularly reading schemes, would be most welcome. All Philippino children learn English at school but it is not their first language so simple stories are best. I will be at the Midlands FSG in April if anyone wants to pass them on to me there. Or if you have a large enough collection I will come to you. Just email me on A great idea is to ask your local school library. Many books are thrown away by schools when they are no longer current. We can make good use of these so please rescue them and pass them on to me.

    And finally, one of my favourite projects of the year. We wanted to change the Philippines one child at a time. We’ve extended that a little to one student at a time. We were contacted earlier this year by a student nurse. Her money had run out and she was not going to be able to complete her course. We have been able to raise the rest of her tuition fees for her and she will graduate later this year. We intend to develop this idea into a full scholarship for a student teacher next time.

    I look forward to seeing many of the UK dotcommers at the Midlands event. I have to say a big thank you to Linda for inviting me. I will be giving you a short presentation on our work so far and collecting any donations of books or pencil case supplies.



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