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    The M.A.D. Program is still going strong. Here is the most recent update from the MAD With Your Heart Campaign.

    Want to find our more about the Make A Difference Program? Click here for details. SUMMARY OF M.A.D. WITH YOUR HEART ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE

    * With the purchase I made of Purple Angels I gave 20 to people struggling with Life and Death situation, that gave them HOPE.
    * 48 countries are onboard with people doing and sharing ideas on a daily base, families talking about M.A.D. With Your Heart during their family nights, children from a Daycare continuing to do project to take home to their Mother and Father on how they can M.A.D. With Your Heart.
    * I received a letter on Christmas Eve from a soldier who told me he has been sharing my Daily Inspirational to his fellow troop members asked me to add 278 Purple Hearts for them to the Purple Heart World Map which has reached 10,657 people on my records. These numbers are also much higher as each person is doing something to someone to help spread M.A.D. With Your Heart in the world. Along with everyone on and as well ttp:// which are working so well I am just linking them together. These numbers are now impossible to trace as M.A.D. With Your Heart is being spread everywhere.
    * The M.A.D. With Your Heart Prayer Chain has thousands of people praying. Twelve major prayer chains are helping spread the word of M.A.D. With Your Heart world wide. One chain has over 1000 members.
    * Christmas 4000 cards, messages were sent out talking of the The Gift Of Love at Christmas time . Once again through daily inspirations, prayer, just having a place to go and having someone to vent to, along with the songs from Donny and The Osmond’s that comes from their soul to us with love. Twelve major lives have been saved. I’m unable to reveal these stories as they are real people with very shattered hearts. Which brings the total up to 20 people we know of that M.A.D. With Your Heart has saved as people are seeing they are not alone.
    * I held the hands of 4 families and helped walk them home through the Christmas season, Two very special people I have been working with for a long time, their last words to me were thank you I was their Angel. There are no words to describe what it is like to hold a dying mans hand.
    * A challenge was sent out all of NOV and DEC for blankets, coats to be given to people in need. The total number I have received back from people who had never done this before was over 9000. I was told that they will continue this every year. So many realized that the smallest gesture can M.A.D. With Your Heart
    * Valentines Day was an every emotional day, the phone calls, e-mails were heart breaking. I dealt with so many lonely, heartbroken & distressed people. Having experienced a lot myself I was able to encourage them and show them that there is always hope and that they are never alone with M.A.D. With Your Heart.
    * My WEB page is almost ready but, will not be released till perfect. This will continue permanently as M.A.D. With Y our Heart Global Support program for people to know:

    M.A.D.WITH YOUR HEART where the smallest gesture
    can mend a broken heart or even safe a life
    No one needs to be alone with Life Challenges

    Please join & help M.A.D. WITH YOUR HEART*

    Lorraine M.A.D. WITH YOUR HEART

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