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  • Singing Valentines for Southern Sudan

    February was a very productive month for our fundraisers which help the girls at Ayak Anguei Girls’ School in South Sudan.
    Lindsey and several of her classmates accepted dozens of donations for Singing Valentines and Silk Roses which they delivered on the 11th and 14th. They received many requests for “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and some for “L.O.V.E” and “Puppy Love”!! It was a fun event and we certainly appreciated the teachers for approving it. Attached is a collage of 3 photos: Rita with the roses she hand-made and donated; Lindsey and a friend taking donations and song requests; and one from a valentine delivery. I have several short videos of the kids singing. Once I have everyone’s release forms, I will forward the link to you.

    We received frozen Butter Braids from the local distributor and immediately sorted and stored over 100 pastries to deliver to all our Denver area supporters. Project Education Sudan received $4 from each braid sold!! Here’s a photo of my husband and son helping.

    We successfully wrapped up our Friendship Bracelet project! All 1,300 hand-made bracelets (650 matching sets) were finished and sold for donations from supporters world-wide including Australia, England, Scotland, Canada, Puerto Rico, and even Cuba! Today, 650 bracelets are on their way to Ayak Anguei as Carol, the director of Project Education Sudan, just departed for her 5-week visit to South Sudan. Carol will send me photos of the girls wearing their bracelets! Our MAD team raised our goal of $2,600 to purchase enough bunk beds (made locally by Sudanese) to furnish one of the 2 dormitories. The girls who stay on the compound overnight are currently sleeping on the ground. There are approx. 650 girls attending the school, including about 110 orphans. Not all the girls are able to stay overnight until more dorms are built. The girls who do stay can concentrate on their studies instead of going home to help fetch water, grind grains, and other chores that may prevent them from returning to school the next day. Here are photos of all 650 bracelets going to Sudan (with donor’s name and location written on each tag), a photo of several of the kids who spent hours making/selling them, and pics of friends whom I met through and have generously helped in numerous ways, including selling the bracelets in their hometown. I will send you a separate e-mail detailing all the help we’ve received from each of them and from others, too!

    Our website will be updated soon with upcoming “FUNdraisers” !

    Have a wonderful day,

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