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  • Smiling to Make a Difference

    One of the best was to make a difference is by simply smiling. Here’s one MAD update that is just about that — smiles.

    Want to find our more about the Make A Difference Program? Click here for details. Hi Donny,

    I have just started working with the Oral Cancer Foundation in planning an Awareness/Fundraiser Walk-Run for Colorado. Colorado does not currently have any Awareness/Fundraising events for the Oral Cancer Foundation. It will take place somewhere here in the Denver Metro area. I am currently looking at several different places that have great potential. Just getting the right place and the right date figured out! I am aiming for a date in June!

    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Many states participate in this and have Oral Cancer Screening sites available for people to come in and have an OCS. Colorado does not have any OCS sites for this particular program, through the Oral Cancer Foundation. I am recruiting other Dental Hygienists and Dentists to participate.

    I still have my FB page, that I use to send out information on many different dental related topics.

    In addition to the two patients I told you about in the December update, I have another male patient in my workplace who is young, used chewing tobacco, and had significant precancerous changes in his lower vestibule where he placed the tobacco. I initially saw him in November 2010, for a new patient appointment. I saw him this week for another cleaning and assessment appointment. As I said, he is young, he also has a young son and he and his wife are expecting another baby soon. He told me he has quit chewing tobacco, since his appointment with me in November. He said I scared him to death with the information he was given, and the statement I made about being there for his son. I recommended he use nicotine patches to help him in quiting. Unfortunately, using the scare tactic and giving worst case scenarios is the best way to get people to quit any tobacco use. And even better, when I did his Oral Cancer Screening at this appointment, the tissue in his lower vestibule had improved significantly. He will need to be monitored closely, for life, but he has come a long way in a very short time.

    It is very difficult to quit chewing tobacco, more so than cigarettes. The experts say tobacco in chew/snuff is more addicting than heroin or cocaine.

    The other patient Evelyn, who has the multiple health issues and who wants to be able to smile… she had an appointment but was not able to make it. She will be in soon!


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