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  • The M.A.D. Chihuahuas Are Looking For a Bus

    Things are going well for the dogs. In fact, there could be a bus ride to save more than 40 dogs from being put down. This is another great update from The M.A.D. about Rescue crew.

    Want to find our more about the Make A Difference Program? Click here for details. Hi Donny! Here’s the latest news!

    M.A.D About Rescue has been very busy in February, with a lot of wonderful things happening!

    First of all , we made FRONT PAGE NEWS!!

    This has been great publicity for our rescue group and has generated a lot of applications for our rescues, as well as 12 new families in the area have applied to foster for us!!
    We have networked with a transporter and taken in three Death Row Chihuahuas from California. I am happy to report that Chester, who is featured in the newspaper article is now in his new home in Vancouver and enjoying two walks a day on the lovely beaches of Vancouver! Holly, whom we found out was pregnant has now given birth to four puppies!!! She is currently in foster care along with the puppies and will be there long term until they are all old enough to be spayed and neutered!

    She is just adorable and you can see a picture of her on our newly updated M.A.D. slideshow

    On Feb. 12th. We had a booth at the Petsmart Adoption days to make the public aware of our cause, the benefits of adoption, and to increase awareness of puppy mills.

    Since August we have now taken in 50 dogs and had them vetted and ready for adoption!!! Our most recent can be seen on our website as well as the ones who are currently in foster care!
    The M.A.D. about Rescue page on Facebook has been phenomenal!! I am so proud of this group’s willingness to help and network with other rescue people around the world! We are currently up to 1933 members!

    The M.A.D about Rescue group has also taken on a new project that is very exciting to us! We are helping to raise funds for a RESCUE BUS!!!

    The aim is to save 40+ dogs a month from high kill LA Shelters to a place where instead of being labeled “at risk” these animals would be labeled “safe, healthy and adoptable”. The Sunny Sky Animal Rescue in Puyallup, WA is run by Illina Berton who also owns East Main Animal Hospital. $5500 will buy a 33 seat bus that can be used to transport animals from high-kill shelters to treatment & safety with Dr Berton. We always say we wish we could save them all. We can’t. But we can save more by helping her raise the funds to get The Rescue Bus rolling! Some shelters are forced to euthanize up to 100 animals in one day. We can help reduce this number!

    Here is the Rescue Bus Link on Facebook that many of our M.A.D members have been helping out with! This bus WILL become a reality!!! We are half way there!!!

    And here is a Wonderful video that Ian Cranston,(who by the way, was nominated as a best director for an independent film) made about the project! He did a wonderful job on this piece and we are so lucky to have such a talent helping out!

    Take Care!

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