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  • A quick update on how to Make A Difference with your heart

    Do you want to Make A Difference? Here is a short update how one person is making a difference by healing the broken-hearted.

    Want to find our more about the Make A Difference Program? Click here for details.
    * 52 counties are onboard on the global map; doing and sharing ideas on a daily base, family nights, and children at day cares are still continuing to do projects to take home to their Father’s and Mother’s on how they can M.A.D. With Your Heart.
    * The M.A.D. WITH YOUR HEART PRAYER CHAIN has thousands of people holding hand in prayer around the world. I just picked up another group to join which has 6000 member’s that brings us up to over 10,000 plus worldwide. The numbers are becoming uncountable as the word just keeps spreading worldwide.
    * The M.A.D. WITH YOUR PURPLE HEART TREE AND WORLD MAP has hit 20,852 purple hearts on record, these are also much higher as it is impossible to trace as it is being passed on. People are stopping, getting off the wheel of life and realizing the smallest gesture can mend a broken heart or even save a life. It is being passed on by and many other forums as well as
    * The on going support line has helped hundreds, through daily bible verses, inspiration, thoughts of the day, prayer list, people know they have a place to go and have someone to vent to. Mainly knowing they are not alone. Along with the songs by Donny and the Osmond Family that come from heart and soul have helped so many.
    * The most humbling part of my program has touched me in ways I can’t explain. As of today 24 lives have saved. Presently I am dealing with 5 people who wanted to give up on life have admitted themselves into Hospital for help. It brings tears to my eyes to think that the PC is where people have turned to and I feel blessed that I was able to help.
    * Next week with the help of Joy and other’s… I will be posting an outline for letter’s that will be written to soldier’s then e-mail to me, a covered letter will be attached and then sent to a Chaplin who is waiting for them. My goal is 1000 letter from all of us this next month. Information will be posted on what he suggested we write. I will post and send this out to everyone and they will be asked to pass it on as well.
    * You can come on to my Face book and request to be a friends as I still have dream of hitting 5000 I am more then half way there. PLEASE join me to M.A.D. WITH YOUR HEART.
    * WEB page is still being worked on. This will be life time page with all supports possible on it…I want it to be perfect before I release it.
    * M.A.D.WITH YOUR HEART was the smallest gesture could mend a broken heart or even safe a life
    * No one needs to be alone with Life Challenges*BEST of all it’s FREE to give from the heart. Please join & help MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR HEART

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