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  • M.A.D. Healthy Smiles

    Exciting things happening at M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles!
    The 1st Annual M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles Walk/Run ~ To Make Oral Cancer History event, to raise awareness about Oral Cancer and with all proceeds going to The Oral Cancer Foundation will happen! Colorado has no involvement this way, so it is exciting to get Colorado involved! It will be in Louisville, Colorado on Saturday July 9th!

    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month!
    The Oral Cancer Foundation encourages and supports dental hygienists and dentists to hold free Oral Cancer Screening events during the month of April, to raise awareness about the causes of Oral Cancer and the importance of receiving a yearly Oral Cancer Screening.
    ~ I am holding a free Oral Cancer Screening event on Friday April 8th at my dental office, Louisville Dental Associates. Sonja the representative from Zila, has donated the Vizilite Plus Oral Cancer Screening system to use at no cost at this screening event! Participants will receive this screening in addition to the visual and tactile exam.
    ~ Saturday April 9th, I will be working at the state wide 9News Health Fair in Boulder, providing free Oral Cancer Screenings.
    ~ Other dental offices have been recruited to participate in holding free Oral Cancer Screening events.

    Approximately one month ago I became a part of The Oral Cancer Foundation family, as Western Dental Hygiene Liaison, for 9 western states! They are Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, North and South Dakota. I saw on their site that only the northeast and southeast areas had a Dental Hygiene Liaison. I sent a letter letting them know of my interest and if they were looking to have a liaison for the western area, I thought I was the Dental Hygienist for them! I will be doing just what I am doing here in Colorado. Getting the dental and dental hygiene communities involved in supporting The Oral Cancer Foundation by becoming professional members, holding free screening events, walk/run benefits, and educational events. To get the word out to the public on causes of Oral Cancer, especially HPV-16, the importance of yearly Oral Cancer Screenings, and how they too can support The Oral Cancer Foundation in their work of Information-Support-Advocacy-Research… and Hope.

    ~Susan Cotten

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