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  • MAD Boarding the Rescue Bus!

    There’s a MAD rescue underway this weekend. We hope to get an update when they return. Hi Donny! Just wanted to let you know that (today) I board the RESCUE BUS! Through a lot of fundraising it was finally purchased and we are heading from Washington to Van Nuys California to rescue a bus load of dogs from death row! We will arrive on Easter Sunday, load the bus and head back to Washington where the dogs will be vetted and put up for adoption in both Washington and Canada!

    What an exciting project that went from a “dream” to a REALITY!! It’ll be a gruelling trip, 48 hours of (no sleep!!!) as I’m sure the city bus that was purchased is not going to be comfortable LOL!!
    There are five of us that will spell each other off and we will meet the L.A. team at noon on Easter Sunday!

    Here is a video made when it was just a M.A.D. thought!

    Send a prayer our way!! I will let you know how the trip went!!!
    Linda, M.A.D About Rescue!

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