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  • MAD Friendship Bracelets arrive at Ayak Anguei

    All 650 Friendship Bracelets arrived at Ayak Anguei and were distributed to all the girls during Project Education Sudan’s visit in March. Please [Click here]( to read their trip blog – they mention MAD a few times. The girls were grateful to their donor with the matching bracelet (donor’s name was written on a tag). With this project, we raised enough funds (over $2,600) to furnish an entire dorm with bunk beds. Some girls travel five hours to reach the school – the only primary girls’ school in the area. There are also 102 orphans who stay at the school. Some of these girls won’t have to sleep on the ground any longer! Attached are photos of Ayak Anguei students proudly wearing their bracelets, and photos of bracelet makers/sellers/donors.

    We are excited about our current fundraiser: Roses are MAD. Donations are coming in for either a purple rose (Donny) or a red rose (Marie). At the Meet&Greet on July 20, we will present to Donny and Marie a photo of “their” bouquet with names/location of the donors. This is such a FUN project! Who will have the biggest bouquet? All the proceeds from the donations will go directly to Ayak Anguei and the silk roses (hand-made by our team) will be donated to the patients at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. For more info, please go to:

    On June 10th and 11th, we will have a garage sale where all the proceeds will go to Ayak Anguei. For the past several months, we have been collecting donated items from neighbors and friends!

    MAD will be partnering with Project Education Sudan’s “Climb for Sudan” this summer to help fundraise for this challenging event. Two climbers will summit Colorado’s 58 14,000ft mountain peaks in 70 days to raise money for the schools in South Sudan.

    We are excited about some additional projects and events we are planning for this summer! And Lindsey is looking forward to starting the “sister school” program for Ayak Anguei at the college she will be attending this fall.

    For the latest news, more photos, and videos (coming soon), please visit our facebook page at

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