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  • Arlyn graduates and Jared’s gone MAD!

    I have mentioned previously how we were sponsoring a student through her final semester at university. She finished recently and has sent us a copy of her graduation photo. That has to be one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen. She is so grateful to all the Donny.commers that helped Make A Difference in her life. She promises not to forget the kindness shown to her and intends to go on to Make A Difference in many other people’s lives.

    In April I attended the Midlands FSG with many UK fans. I arrived prepared to give my talk but not expecting to have Jared and his wife watching me! Talking in front of an Osmond made me so nervous but he just kept on smiling at me and nodding. At the end of the event he came over and gave me a huge pile of his merchandise to sell for the charity. He wants nothing back- every penny is to go to help the children. What an incredibly generous gesture! So if you don’t have Jared’s latest CD or are looking for any Jared merchandise please contact me at and help Jared help the children.

    It wasn’t just Jared who was generous. We also had some amazing donations by the attendees. I wasn’t sure my car would make it home it was so over loaded! We’ve filled another box of pencil cases to ship and this time we have a library’s worth of reading material to add. We are sending them this week so keep an eye on our Facebook page to see the pictures of the children’s faces when they arrive. All these things will help the children get the education they deserve. The last photo attached is of Sue who asked all her Sainsbury’s work colleagues to donate. She gave me a pile of pencilcases- thank you so much Sainsbury’s!

    Our next event is our Big MAD Bounce’-details to follow….



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