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  • Join the Donny Dance Forum!

    On Friday night… July 22, 2011, the Forum Shops at the luxurious Caesars Palace will be overtaken by the Donny Dance Forum!

    Patterned after similar groups that orchestrate large pre-choreographed dances, and then randomly break into performances in public crowded areas, Donny Osmond is organizing the first-ever Donny Dance Forum, and you’re invited to participate.


    Want to know how? Read on…

    So here are the details:

    ***What’s happening? ***

    Donny Osmond is organizing the first-ever Donny Dance Forum where hundreds of people will learn a dance and then perform it. The dance will be recorded to video, so all who participate will be able to get on YouTube and say, “Hey, that’s me! And, I’m dancing with Donny Osmond.” (uh-um… male champion of Dancing with the Stars.)

    ***Where’s this happening? ***

    The Donny Dance Forum will take place within the Forum Shops at the luxurious Caesars’ Palace on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.

    When’s this happening?

    You can participate in the Donny Dance Forum on Friday night, July 22, 2011. You’ll want to join Donny Osmond’s official Facebook Page to stay up-to-date with all things Donny Dance Forum. Don’t forget to sign up today!

    How do I learn the dance?

    Great question! has posted two videos on YouTube. One instructional video, with step-by-step instructions on how to learn the dance. The second video is the dance in it’s entirety. So, once you’ve mastered the steps, you can check up on your skills! Sign up today!

    Don’t forget to get your FREE MP3 of the song so you can practice, and be ready. All you need to do is send an email to

    Who can participate?

    Everyone! That includes grandma and grandpa. We want to see people of all ages dancing. This is FREE fun for everyone! Sign up today! But we should let you know that if you are attending the 2011 Get Together, the Donny Dance Forum will be even better! Don’t know what the 2011 Get Together is? Click here for details.

    OK… You’ve answered all my basic questions, but what if I want to make sure I’m in front, and I’m leading a group and showing people how to dance?

    Yes… there are a few of you that want to help Donny lead this group of hundreds of people. Well, some of you have signed up for the 2011 Get Together, and know about Donny’s Dance Camp all ready. Those attending the dance camp, will help Donny lead this entourage, and even get a chance to be on video! (If you’re camera-shy, and are going to the dance camp, let us know. We can keep you out of the lime light, but still in the mix of the energy and fun we are going to have.) Don’t have your tickets for the Get Together? Click here to purchase tickets and find out more about that weekend’s Donny Concerts and so much more!

    Last question, I promise. There’s mention of this being video. Who’s filming this Donny Dance Forum? is still working out the details on this, so if you want to stay in the “know,” join Donny’s Facebook Page. We will keep you updated on all things Donny Dance Forum.

    Want more information?

    Send an e-mail to, and we’ll keep you updated. Don’t forget to sign up!

    We’ll see you in Vegas on July 22!

    Don’t forget to join the conversation on Donny’s FB and Twitter.

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