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  • M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles has been very busy!

    Oral Cancer Awareness month was a huge success! This year, the number of free Oral Cancer screening events in the United States, increased ten fold. Approximately 200 in previous years, to approximately 2,000 this year! I offered free Oral Cancer screenings at my dental office on one Friday in April. Because of word of mouth, I had requests for additional free Oral Cancer screenings just about every day in April, for those who could not make the Friday event. Approximately 15-20 minutes was spent with each person, as the screening included the visual & tactile exam along with the ViziLite oral rinse exam. In all, I did 38 free Oral Cancer screenings in April.
    On Saturday, June 4th will be at The Taste of Louisville, in Louisville, Colorado. Offering free Oral Cancer screenings and providing information on The Oral Cancer Foundation.

    I have three women at my dental office that are a part of M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles. They are receiving dental treatment at no cost from Dr. Becky Steinbach and myself.
    Each woman is very special in her own way, and in need of a hand up in achieving and maintaining her optimal Oral Health. Not just for the health of their mouth, but to help them achieve optimal systemic health, and to increase their self esteem! Dr. Becky and I decided that I would chose people to be a part of this program based on several criteria, and these three women met the criteria. I see each one every 2 months for their Oral Health Maintenance visits. Some people would call these appointments cleanings… but so much more is involved than “just a cleaning”!

    My patient Evelyn, who just wanted to smile? She is smiling! Her top teeth have a new look, and I am now raising funds to give her lower teeth a new look!

    Organizing the M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles 5K Run/Walk ~To Make Oral Cancer History, is occupying most of my “free time”! It will take place on Saturday, July 9th in Louisville, Colorado!

    Susan Cotten
    Keep smiling & make sure your smile is a “Healthy Smile”!

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