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  • “M.A.D. Pay It Forward” for OOPHF Car Wash

    James and I are really excited about the upcoming June 18th event
    It’s a “M.A.D. Pay It Forward” for OOPHF Car Wash and it’s going to be huge. It will be held at 2 different locations on the same day with footage showing on large screens of the children’s reactions to hearing for the first time in thier young lives. James will be dressing up as Gene Simmons from “Kiss” to help bring attention to the “Car wash”. I’ll have to post a pic later for you to see, he really does a great impersonation with the makeup, huge boots, wings ect … I all goes well we will have some great sponsors as well.

    We are also excited because yesterday we found out that because this is a Non Profit Organization we can have our Event broadcast for FREE on CTV News 3 times a day. We will be also advertising the event in the News papers and on the radio. Plus the whole event at both locations will be video taped and photographed either by our friend who is a proffessional (he needs to get back to us after checking his scheduale) or by James or myself.

    At each location there will be several people there to wash the cars each of these people will be Paying It Forward by inviting 3 people and challanging those 3 people to invite 3 people and so on.

    Also as I mentioned in my last update that we were working on a “M.A.D. Pay It Forward” commercial well it’s finished. You can see it by clicking the link below.

    Thank you again for this wonderful M.A.D. program.

    James and Laurie

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