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  • The MAD Rescue Bus was a Success!

    The BIG NEWS is of course the RESCUE BUS made an Easter Weekend trip from Washington to L.A.! The Rescue Bus Team fundraised enough money to buy a retired city bus in order to make a trip from Puyallup Washington to Los Angeles to pick up a busload of dogs that were on death row in a shelter in Van Nuys!
    Ian Cranston made a wonderful video about the “Rescue Bus Vision” that helped us fundraise and create an awareness about our vision! It can be seen at this link:

    Then a chip in link was created to help fundraise! Getting the bus was not enough! The bus needs to be maintained, and have the gas to get to California! Here is the chipin link and of course we continue to fundraise for future Rescue Bus trips!!!

    Dr. Berton runs Sunny Skys Rescue and all dogs saved from the shelter were brought back to be vetted and adopted out! She is a wonderful person! The chip in link has already brought in over 6000.00!!!! And fundraising continues, with a large one being planned for in Los Angeles in May!

    Dr. Berton did a wonderful job of building shelves in the bus and filling it with secured crates ready for travel! We boarded the bus at 3pm Saturday the 24th and headed for California! It was an AMAZING experience! One glitch was being stranded on the highway at 5 am on Easter Sunday for 4 hours as our tire blew! It took some patience on our end for someone to rescue the Rescue bus, but we did it!! And on we rolled!

    On Easter Sunday, the Rescue Bus was featured on the KTLA morning T.V. show! Excitement was anticipating, as we got closer to the shelter! It certainly helped our tired bodies to keep on going!! The Los Angeles team was waiting as we pulled up! It was great to meet the people we have worked together with via the internet! They were kind enough to have pizza waiting for us along with many hugs!

    Once at the shelter it was emotional to see 66 dogs walk one at time onto the bus to a new chance at life! Also, 10 kitties, and 12 bunnies happened to get on too! One of the most emotional moments took place when Morgan was led from the shelter, walking on her three legs to the safety of the bus, as onlookers clapped.

    We drove till 4 am and stopped at a rest area! This was a sight to see as all five of us volunteers took each dog out one by one for some water, a walk and a feed! That took till 7 am and then we boarded the bus and away we went till we arrived back in Washington late Monday Evening! VERY TIRED but happy to have participated in the amazing experience! Dr. Berton had a team of Volunteers ready and waiting to bathe each dog, take them for a walk and feed them. A huge adoption event is planned for May 7th to adopt many of these pets out! In the meantime they will be vetted, spayed and neutered! 5 of the Chihuahuas joined me in a van ride back to Canada and went into foster care for the BC Chihuahua Rescue.

    Stay tuned for Bigger and Better News !!! In 3 short months we have raised the money for a bus, ($6000.00), taken over 100 animals to safety and gained support all over the US and Canada. Everyone wants to know how we can get more bus trips going. In order to do so Sunny Skys needs a larger facility to house the animals. We now want to take our game to the next level and start raising money for the Sunny Skys/Rescue Bus CENTER in Washington!! This will be a BIG effort which will be long term, but with the willing participants so eager to MAKE A DIFFERENCE I have NO DOUBT we will accomplish it!!

    Take Care,
    Linda Lanyon










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