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  • 500 M.A.D. runners

    The most exciting, stressful, rewarding, challenging and humbling event I’ve ever been involved with finished with the completion of the first M.A.D. marathon in Idaho Falls. What a day!! When I first came up with the concept of “One Step at a Time” to encourage everyone from all walks of life to train for, and run their first live-changing marathon, I had no idea the effect this event would have on me at a personal level, let alone the impact it’s had on my local Idaho Falls community.

    The marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K events were well supported with over 500 runners taking part, we even had some representatives from all corners of the world, including Argentina, Finland, Canada, UK and New Zealand who came together to help the M.A.D. event really Make A Difference. I’m so proud of everyone who competed in the event – there were a lot of personal goals achieved on the day and the real highlight was welcoming one of our marathoners over the finish line – she was the last one to finish, but she achieved her goal and I couldn’t be any more proud of what she achieved.

    Thanks to the generous support of local sponsors and all those that took part in the run, I’m pleased to say that three children in Idaho Falls have had a difference made to their lives, thanks to being fitted with wonderful top of the line hearing aids. It was wonderful to bring music to their ears!! And the impact of the M.A.D. marathon continues! We were able to raise enough for the Olive Osmond Perpetual Hearing Fund that we are sponsoring two hearing missions put into place by the Starkey Hearing Foundation. We will be able to provide hearing aids and resources to hundreds of children in Mexico this month and the Dominican Republic later in this year.

    I’ve loved every minute of my time being part of the wonderful M.A.D. program and the M.A.D. One Step at a Time. I am excited to see what the future of the M.A.D. program brings.

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