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    In 2002, Donny wrote and recorded a song called, “One Dream;” a song he wrote to inspire hope in each one of us. During his upcoming Basically Yours Tour this coming August, Donny will present a music video of “One Dream” on stage, showcasing literally hundreds of Donny.commers with him from this year’s Get Together in Las Vegas. As part of this video, he would like to feature three individuals from the upcoming Get Together — one from the Gold Group, the Silver Group, and the Bronze Group — who will sing with Donny. The recording will take place during the 2011 Get Together in Las Vegas from July 21 – 23. Would you like to be one of the lucky ones who will sing with Donny?

    Here’s what you need to do. In 20 words or less, explain why you should be one of the featured three individuals. Then, send your explanation to

    Wait, what did you say?

    The Basically Yours Tour will feature ALL of the Donny.commers in a video from this year’s Get Together, which Donny will share on stage during his performance of “One Dream”. In addition to this feature, three people will be chosen to record their voice in Las Vegas and be featured in the video for the tour– “Basically Your Voice“. The three people chosen to record their voices and be in the music video of “One Dream” for the “Basically Yours Tour”.

    Can I sing with Donny?

    If you are going to the 2011 Get Together, you will! Don’t have a ticket? Click here

    Send your 20-word explanation to and Donny will choose three people.

    Want more Donny? Those three individuals will have the opportunity to have dinner, lunch, or breakfast one-on-one with Donny!

    So, register to attend the 2011 Get Together by clicking here

    Don’t forget to send in your 20-word explanation to, and tell Donny why YOU should sing with him!

    We’ll see you in Las Vegas!

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