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    We are very excited for our first annual M.A.D Pay It Forward Car Wash event in 4 days on June 18th 2011 from 9:00am – 4:00pm Eastern time. Please pray with us that it doesn’t rain this coming Saturday :).

    Many wonderful people are coming from different parts of Montreal and Quebec regions and giving of their time to wash cars, man the Food Stations and Raffle Booths to raise funds for “Olive Osmond Perpetual Hearing Fund. We will have a Gene Simmons (KISS…) Look-A-Like on site to help promote and also be available for photo opts with those interested, as well as a live DJ streaming music out to the streets. In addition to the Car Wash and courtesy of our sponsors, to help us raise funds, there will be McDonalds… drinks, Dairy Queen ice cream, hot dogs on the BBQ, M.A.D. Pay It Forward buttons, and a raffle for some great Gift Certificates.

    Speaking of the sponsors, not all of them made it onto the posters as they came in after the posters were finalized and printed. I’ve attached to this update, the English version of the poster. The French version of this poster is up in the stores of those sponsoring this event and also I’ve attached a picture of what the M.A.D. Pay It Forward button looks like. We’ve just ordered our official M.A.D. Pay It Forward banner it will be 2 1/2 ft X 8 ft which we will pick up Friday for this event and all future events. The city has given us permission to put up hge directional promotion signs with helium filled ballons to help make everyone aware of this event.

    Media Advisory has also been sent out to English and French,TV, Radio, and News papers. Being that we live in Quebec everything that we do ie; official documents, posters, promotional banners ect… has to be done in French and English with French being the primary so our work is doubled.

    The Pay It Forward challenge for this event to everyone washing the cars, the sponsors, our family, friends, and neighbours is to invite 3 people to come wash their car and challenge those three people to invite 3 people and so on.

    You can tell we have been very busy and done our homework, we really want to raise a lot funds for this wonderful cause that your sweet mother starter and your nephew Justin has continued with OOPHF.

    We are excited to “Make A Difference” and “Pay it Forward” for the Love of Hearing.

    Our M.A.D. Pay It Forward Commercials:

    James and Laurie M.A.D. Pay It Forward

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