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  • M.A.D. for pups in need

    Hi Donny,

    The M.A.D. year might be coming to a close, but it will definitely continue on for us with so many pups in need! The highlight of this month was being in the Vancouver Island Pet Expo! It was an entire weekend event going from morning to evening, and we were able to showcase the M.A.D program, talk about the importance of Adoption, and educate about puppy mills! We were totally exhausted, and lost our voices, but thousands of people attended this event and we not only got many donations, ( $1200.00!) we also got applicants for the dogs we have on our site AND even more important, many people from the Vancouver Island area applied to foster for us!! I have included pictures from the event!

    Speaking of our website, I am very excited about the recent stat report we received! Our M.A.D program has definitely taken off!! Our site has peaked many months to close to 400,000 views!!!

    Since arriving back from Vegas last summer we have taken in 67 dogs and of course we have networked to help many more than that.

    Speaking of which, the RESCUE BUS which was bought and taken down from Puyallup Washington to California to rescue 66 more dogs at Easter time is about to ROLL again! June 18th is the date and fundraising is actively happening right now! We also have a donated accomodation in Maui for one week up for auction to help raise funds for a new Facility in Puyallup! If we had a bigger building , the bus would be able to make more frequent trips to California to save the death row dogs. The auction is going on until the end of June! Spread the word! It’s a beautiful location, and can be bid on at this link!!

    On a sadder note, one of the reasons I’m a couple of weeks late for this report is Ginger, a puppy I am fostering is very ill, and I just got her out of the animal hospital after three days in intensive care. Again! Fundraising time! We put a link on our website to help with the medical bills and so many good hearted people stepped in to help us out! In two short weeks over 900.00 was donated to help little Ginger out . She will be in my care for a while, but I am pleased with the progress she has made this week!

    The M.A.D slideshow has been updated and our Facebook page has become very active with many groups posting and helping each other out!! Once again I have to thank you Donny for this wonderful opportunity! Wow!





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