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  • Still Busy at M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles!

    In May I added another patient, to the 3 women already in the Dental Hygiene part of M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles. His name is Brian, I added Brian to this part of M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles, because he needed a hand up, not a hand out. Just like the other members.

    Brian has Type I Diabetes and has been through some traumatic family experiences the last year. I have been his dental hygienist for quite some time, but I haven’t seen him in the office for about 9 months. He lost his dental insurance, and was just too preoccupied with stressful life issues to get in.

    When Brian came to see me in May, he had lost his dental insurance, he had lost a lot of weight due to stress, (he didn’t need to loose weight) and his diabetes was not controlled. He lost more than that…he had lost his joy and self confidence. He needed a hand up.

    After evaluating his periodontal condition, it was not controlled. He had generalized, active, periodontitis/gum disease, which needed treating.

    Prior to this, Brian always came in every 3-4 months for perio maintenance cleanings, there were times when he had insurance and times when he did not. He has always been a very compliant patient, doing all I asked of him in our effort to keep his mouth & gums healthy.

    Brian needed treatment asap, so he and I met on my day off. I took radiographs and provided periodontal therapy/deep cleaning/root plane & scale, to his entire mouth. Getting his gum tissue healthy is so critical to getting his diabetes controlled, as active gum disease makes it difficult to control diabetes… and uncontrolled diabetes makes it difficult to control gum disease. It is a vicious cycle. I will see Brian every 2 months for perio maintenance cleanings, and all of his dental hygiene needs.

    On Saturday, June 4th I had a booth for The Oral Cancer Foundation at The Taste of Louisville. I met 2 women that day who had Oral Cancer caused from the HPV-16 virus… this is what I have been an advocate for since the beginning. Getting the word out about the increase in Oral Cancer due to HPV-16. I hope all of you were able to see the Dr. Oz show last week on Oral Cancer. He talked about everything M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles has been talking about for months! Here is the link to the 5 parts.

    Just 4 weeks until the 1st Annual M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles Run/Walk ~ To Make Oral Cancer, History! Christine Brader who is a 3 time Oral Cancer Survivor and Oral Cancer Foundation Member, travels and speaks for The Oral Cancer Foundation. She has chosen to come to this walk! I am so excited to have her… here are a couple of links to Christine.,0,4503459.photogallery

    The M.C. for the Oral Cancer run/walk, I met at the free Oral Cancer Screening day I had in April. His name is Vinnie Montez, a policeman in Boulder,Co., and a very funny comedian! He came to see me in April for the free screening because he chewed tobacco. As of today he is on day 26 of not chewing!! I attended a comedy benefit he participated in last night, for the Boulder County Sheriff Dept.

    Vinnie and I are teaming up to have a “M.A.D. for Healthy Smiles Comedy Night ~ To Make Oral Cancer, History” I am looking for a venue, and we hope to have it at the end of August!

    Make sure your smile is a Healthy Smile! Susan Cotten

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