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  • Grace 4 Women is Making a Difference

    Passionately working, for the past 25 years, as a professional helping women heal from domestic violence and become empowered to live the life of their own choosing has led me to believe that strength can be found by connecting women across the world to tell their stories. After visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo this past summer and sharing with women who suffered the ill effects of domestic violence there from low-self esteem, rejection, poverty, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, I was compelled to Make A Difference. While visiting the Congo, Therese Lukenge Kapwibwe, Minister of Mines and Education, told of having the available land, and she shared her dream of building the first domestic violence shelter in the Congo on it. By combining our efforts we have formed a coalition that will both build a domestic violence shelter and provide the necessary follow-up support services such as an awareness campaign, basic skills education, training, counseling, medical services and housing. As a means of sustaining their progress abroad and encouraging those at home, women will be linked through the internet in order to share, support, encourage one another and to know they are not alone.

    Most recently we have: * Secured the domain and email address grace4womennow@gmail. Obtained the pro-bono services of a professional web-site developer in order to build the website to include: provide publicity, keeping in contact, providing information, raising funds to build the domestic violence shelter and provide support services. * Obtained and filed the business organization papers including not-for-profit status with the name grace4women. * Partnered with local women’s ministry organizations in Lubumbashi, Congo to collaborate on needed support services. * Presented project on two occasions to target audiences locally, raising over $1,000. * Sent letters to Hewlett Packard and Apple computer requesting donations of computers and internet services to connect women across borders. * Connected with local domestic violence shelters to begin networking about how to share experiences.

    Future plans include: * Obtaining an EIN number so we can do business and accept credit cards and pay-pal as payment methods. * Two fund raisers on November 3rd and Nov. 7th to raise money by selling African clothes and crafts and jewelry. * Accepting an invitation to visit the Congo in early February for a ground breaking ceremony.



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