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  • MAD about Seniors September Update

    MAD about Seniors (based in Toronto, Ontario) is spearheaded by Jennifer Baldock, and is a MAD project centered around the care of the elderly. Jen sent in an update recently, and here’s how her MAD project is coming along. Since I started assisting my elderly parents, I realized how many seniors there were in our community that didn’t have the same support I am able to provide to my parents. It’s not just about getting old and moving into a retirement facility or a nursing home. It needs to be about providing information, assistance and the ability to stay in the comfort of their own homes as long as they possibly can. Assistance is close by for my parents but many seniors don’t have family support or their children are too busy living their own lives to have time or sadly, even care. Aren’t our parents supposed to always look after us? We forget that the roles of parent / child often reverse when they get older and need our help. Sometimes help is as simple as taking the garbage out or cutting the grass and that kind of assistance is not often available to the Senior Citizens in my Community. Some do have the financial means to pay for an abundance of support as needed but others may not be financially able to even pay someone to shovel their snow.

    • Mad About Seniors has met with the local Senior’s Community Centre regarding the idea of building a network of volunteers to help those in need. They are on board 100% with the project and will approve the volunteer hours performed by high school students who are required to complete community service as part of their curriculum
    • Mad About Seniors has begun canvassing Seniors requesting their input into what types of assistance would make a difference in their lives
    • Mad About Seniors volunteered in the annual Fundraising Extravaganza at the local Community Centre, raising much needed funding that will support the various needs of Seniors’ in the neighbourhood
    • Mad About Seniors believes keeping our minds active contributes to our overall health and therefore has been collecting used novels & magazines to distribute to Seniors who cannot physically travel to local libraries or stores
    • Mad About Seniors has established a satellite project and assistance for Seniors in San Diego

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