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  • MAD for Families of Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses

    Christine from MAD for Families of Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses sent an update on her MAD project. Read on for details about her program, and come back to regularly for updates on all our MAD participants. Our journey with Mallory is both physically and emotionally exhausting. We have met numerous parents in similar situations. They, like us, are overwhelmed by what is happening to their child, family and life. But as a parent with a child who’s life is hanging in the balance, we stay at their bedsides believing things will be ok.

    During a child’s prolonged hospitalization, families often experience financial strain. Expenses continue to mount while the bills at home keep rolling in. Parents exhaust their paid time off and take long leaves of absence from work to be with the child they love. Income trails off. Bills go unpaid. Marriages splinter. Relationships fracture.

    Today, as many families without a sick child are having a hard time making ends meet, we are reminded people can lose their home and possessions through many of life’s circumstances. But this should not happen because a child is sick.

    We are starting this program because of the trials we have been through living life with a critically ill child.

    We desire to make something positive come out of Mallory’s illness. We are largely focused on offering short-term financial assistance to parents in the midst of a life-threatening medical crisis with their child.

    We formed the M.A.D. program to provide financial and emotional assistance to parents of children with life-threatening illnesses similar to Mallory. ” M.A.D. for Families of Children with life threatening illnesses” is one of 10 charitable organizations selected in 2011 by’s “Making A Difference” Program started by Donny Osmond. There are plenty of charities raising money for research and awareness for various causes. But our experience with Mallory, and the conversations we’ve had with other parents and medical social workers, has revealed to us that assistance available to families of kids with life-threatening illnesses is lacking. There is a need, and through the M.A.D. program, we can help to meet this need.

    Through our programs need application process, we can identify families who are struggling with similar problems we encountered. We can reimburse these financially overwhelmed families for their travel expenses and defray other living expenses they incur while caring for a child who requires critical medical treatment for a life-threatening illness.

    The M.A.D. program will attempt to raise money with focused fund raising campaigns consisting primarily of personal solicitations. As the M.A.D. Program garners more support, and as awareness of our mission spreads, we hope to launch bigger fund raising campaigns so we can reach out to more families.

    We remain inspired by our journey with Mallory, and hope that the M.A.D. Program will help ease the financial burden on parents in similar positions; so they are free to concentrate on what matters most –…their children. We want families in crisis to focus on their sick child not financial struggles. We need your help. Please join us in Making A Difference.

    These are some of the non-profit organizations we are working with.

    Turner Syndrome Society to form a Las Vegas support group. Our goal is to create awareness , help provide funds for medical care and expenses for travel to conventions so parents can learn more about Turner Syndrome. We are also involved in giving information to the medical community. Turner Syndrome not only effects height and fertility issues it also can cause life threatening issues such as heart defects, kidney, thyroid, liver, hearing loss, Scoliosis and Celiac disease.

    Children’s Heart Center of Las Vegas. Our goal is to provide funds to send young heart patients to “Camp Mend-A-Heart”. We also will be holding fundraisers for Heart Scans and other health related expenses for these children.

    Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation as volunteers for the “Danny Gans Memorial Run” and I will be working with the children and their families creating “Stories About Me” hard bound story books . These books will include photos, drawings telling the child’s story. These books are fun but they also are a valuable tool for counselors and social workers to help the child express their feelings. This book also becomes a special keepsake for the ill child and their family.

    We have already raised funds for 3 heart scans and have funding for 2 children to attend camp next summer.

    If you would like to donate please call 702-378-9644

    Thank you.

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