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  • Making a BIG Difference with Small Things

    Shelly, with the Making a BIG Difference with Small Thing, has an update on her MAD program out in Ohio.

    Things are continuing to move along quite well with my MAD program. The first drive at my office building has been a HUGE success. We have collected a TON of small and BIG things that will all be donated to the Good Neighbors Picnic for the homeless here in Columbus – which was the inspiration for my idea. I am happy to let you know that they will definitely not run out of soaps and shampoos this year!! I will have an exact number of items collected from this first drive soon. Our next official drive will be at a local school and items collected there will benefit a local family shelter.

    On the administrative front a few of our recent highlights….. We have a federal tax id number so will now be able to apply for an official non-profit status if I choose to do this The website is up and running and we have 89 hits as of right now….Not bad considering it has been up and running less than 2 weeks! I have sent several press releases to local media outlets in hopes to get some additional exposure

    In addition, I hope to have exciting news regarding a couple of local corporate partners but am waiting for official word so will keep you posted on this one.

    More updates soon……..

    Thanks much! Shelly

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