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    Ever since I won Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars, people ask me how I manage to stay as young in spirit as a 20-something. No, I’ve not found the hidden treasure called The Fountain of Youth. And while photoshop does wonders, I still get on stage every night at The Flamingo in Las Vegas, giving the audience everything I’ve got. (So yeah… I’m running all over that stage.)I suppose for that reason, along with the fact I’m aiming to live to be 106, I’m a huge proponent of healthy living. Sure, there is a health code I adhere to, but health and wellness is so much than avoiding things like cigarettes and alcohol. This is the only body I’ve got, and I’ve got a bucket list that isn’t close to being half completed.

    So aside from sweating buckets on stage every night, there are a number of things I do to maintain my health and vigor. I’ve occasionally mentioned some things I do through my Facebook, and those that follow me on Twitter know that I tweet about my workouts in the gym. I’ll keep that up, so you can follow me.

    Additionally, there is going to be some news in the coming days about a few experiences I’ve had during the past two-years that is pretty interesting, but I’ll share more with you about that later.

    …and about that Dancing with Donny workout DVD… We’ll see.

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