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  • MAD About Seniors are raising money and baking goodies

    M.A.D. About Seniors recently sent us an update with the continued successes they are seeing. Want to find out more about Donny’s Make A Difference Program Click here to read about the MAD programs of 2011/2012.

    M.A.D. About Seniors is a TEAM of people who view Seniors as interconnected human beings and valuable members of our neighbourhood. There is no real difference between them and us and we can show our support by showing we care. Our undertaking is to empower and educate people and projects to positively impact the Senior Citizens in our Community.

    • M.A.D. About Seniors group of volunteers continues to grow and next step is to continue canvassing the seniors asking what assistance they require.
    • Some volunteers have focussed primarily on researching services that are available to Seniors’ living alone as well.
    • To date, seniors have received help from our volunteers with daily tasks such as vacuuming, transportation to medical appointments, assistance with grocery shopping, light house cleaning including one of our volunteers cleaned all the windows for all the seniors residing in all 9 units of a small apartment building.
    • We continue to collect magazines and used paper back books and have been donating them to various retirement residences and nursing homes in the area as we continue to promote Healthy Minds.
    • Our first fund raising campaign has started and we are selling pre-made cookie and muffin dough, just in time for the holiday baking season. Proceeds will be given to the local Senior’s Community Centre.
    • Many future fund raising and exciting projects are underway, currently in the planning stages!
    • We continue to work with the local high schools, encouraging students to “adopt a senior” as part of their community service curriculum.
    • A designated Facebook page is now in place MADABOUTSENIORS as well as a designated email address for anyone interested in volunteering, who may have suggestions for fund raising or who just want to keep in touch with us. – we would love to hear from you!

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