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  • STOMO is Making A Difference for Foster Children

    MAD Program — Some Things Of My Own (STOMO) — has been busy since the last update. They sent their most recent update to share with everyone. Want to find out more about Donny’s Make A Difference Program Click here to read about the MAD programs of 2011/2012

    We recently had a bar-b-que for board members and those who wish to help us out locally. There was lots of food and fun and plenty of great ideas on how to progress.

    • We have our board together and busy coming up with fundraising ideas.
    • With the donations already received we have been able to purchase enough stuff to fill about 15 bags.
    • Our 501c3 application is almost finished being written up then we wait for the IRS to approve us. We are hoping by the end of the year to have our determination letter. Then we will be Tax deductible!!
    • We have learned that the best way to get the bags to the kids is to go thru the foster parents and not the County. When bags are given to the counties it is pretty much up to the caseworkers who gets the bags and who doesn’t. Our goal is that EVERY child coming in to foster care receives a bag.
    • Our website is up and running and able to take donations. I am already revising it so soon it will have a new look. Stop by and visit us at
    • You can keep up with what is going with us at our facebook page.
    • If you have questions you can e-mail us at or call us at our new phone number 303-903-0439
    • If you were a foster child you are welcome to tell us your story of your foster care journey and what having a bag would have meant to you. We will post your story on our website. No need to use your name if you would like to keep it private. E-mail your story to
    • If you are currently a foster parent or have been a foster parent you are also welcome to tell us about how you think these bags would benefit your foster children.

    It has been a lot of hard work starting from the ground up but we have learned a lot and continue learning every day.

    Our plans for October include: * Getting our paperwork to the IRS * Talk at several local county foster parent association meetings to get the word out. * Deliver our first bags!!



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