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  • My Three Health Secrets for the Holidays

    Halloween is over and there is candy still in the house. This can mean only one thing: the holidays are coming! I love this time of year–spending time with family, giving thanksΓÇöand who can forget the delicious turkey dinner? Just thinking about it puts me to sleep!

    So lets call it how it is, shall we? Celebrations and parties abound during the holiday season and there is no way to avoid the calorie deluge. I mean, can you imagine saying, “Aunt Lynne, I would love to have one of your Christmas Cookies, but I┬╣m on a diet.” Or, “I’m really trying to watch what I eat.” Something tells me that won’t go over well. Besides, you don┬╣t want to miss out on her prized baking, do you?

    So what’s my secret? How do I get through the holiday season? I don’t try to lose weight during the holidays; I try to maintain my weight, wherever I’m at.

    Here are some of the things I do during the holidays to maintain my weight:

    Check Weight Regularly — Now, don’t freak out about stepping on a scale, we’re not trying to impress Jillian Michaels! Although it doesn’t need to be every day, make sure you step on the scale often. You’ll be more successful managing your weight if you are aware of it. And if you notice a slight incline, you may need to step up your activity level a bit, which brings us to the second point.

    Stay Active — I know, this is a little easier said than done, especially when the weather outside is frightful, so find something you like to do indoors: Yoga or Pilates workout DVDs, go to a gym, or if you’re still on VHS and have some Jane Fonda workout tapes, you’re set! Anything you can do to get your heart rate up a bit. What will I be doing? I perform nightly, running around on stage like I’m 20-something, there’s my workout!

    Eat the Good Stuff — O.k., don’t deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the holidays and everything that comes with it. Your body is amazing; it can handle the candied yams, fruit cakes, and mince pies (although it is a good idea to limit portion sizes, where possible). But don’t forget to put healthy foods into your body, as well. With the hectic pace of life during the holidays attending special events, going to parties, shopping and spending time with loved ones, it’s a good idea to make sure you drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and take your vitamins and other supplements, such as Protandim, to keep yourself at your peak this special time of year.

    Of course these are great suggestions, but it is always smart to check with a general health practitioner before changing your regular health routine.

    Above all, enjoy the holiday season with family, friends and loved ones! That’s what I’ll be doing with mine. Happy Holidays!

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