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  • 54 Yes… But Cellularly, I’m in My Twenties

    I love December! It’s a great month to get together with family, celebrate the holidays and sing “Happy Birthday” to all of us December babies.

    Yes, every December I turn another year older. And as much as I try to deny the aging process, watching my children have children is a reality check. Of course, age doesn’t get me down. I’m committed to maintaining my health through proper diet and regular exercise. I suppose performing nightly at The Flamingo in Las Vegas helps on the physical fitness front, too. As a matter of fact, I often visit with people who attend The Donny & Marie Show in Vegas. Occasionally I’m asked, “Donny, watching you perform, you still look and act young. Have you found a fountain of youth?”

    Enjoying the banter, I thank them for the compliment and let them know I haven’t found the fountain of youth. However a couple of years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Nrf2 synergizing supplement Protandim. I would have to say that Protandim is as close as I’ll ever come to discovering that legendary spring promising a restoration of youth.

    But seriously, in conjunction with my focus on diet and exercise, I do believe that Protandim is one reason I look and feel as young as I do.

    Here’s why I say that:

    I recently reviewed a scientific study that administered Protandim to healthy subjects (ages 20 to 78), and it reduced oxidative stress levels 40% in just 30 days! What was even more impressive was that after 120 days, Protandim completely eliminated all age-dependent markers of cellular agingΓÇöI suppose that’s like going from 80-years-old to 20!

    In that study, Dr. Sally K. Nelson of the Webb-Waring Institute for Cancer, Aging and Antioxidant Research, said, “The possible effects of upregulation of antioxidant enzymes on longevity and lifespan should not go unmentioned.”

    I agree with Dr. Nelson, and that’s why I mention Protandim whenever I get the opportunity.

    So, here’s to another year. And, if anybody finds that mystical fountain of promised youth, call me!

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