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  • MAD Grace4Women Continues Building Online

    Grace4Women MAD Project was busy during the month of November, but Donna sent us a recent update with her project, and what they have been up to. Want to find out more about Donny’s Make A Difference Program? Click here to read about the MAD programs of 2011/2012.

    November has been a busy month. Those of you who keep up with the news might have noted that the Democratic Republic of the Congo had their first government-run free election ever on November 29th, and unfortunately it was not without violence, including 7 deaths, 5 of which were in the city, Lumbumbashi, which the domestic violence shelter will be built. They occurred as one poll site was burnt, and a poll truck carrying ballots was shot at. These tragedies only underscore the need for the support and concern of the international community.

    • In the meantime, November was fundraising month. We had two fundraisers that netted over $300. We have another fundraiser set for December 4th as part of an alternative Christmas Market. This is where folks donate money to charities as Christmas presents to their family and friends. In return, they receive a gift card from the charity that indicates what charity was donated to and how much was donated. A win-win for everyone.

    • Our website: Grace4Women is finally up and running thanks to the generous donation of time and talent of a computer guru. Since, it is now an official corporation you will be able to donate directly to it. By the time you read this update, it will have the ability to accept donations via check, credit card and PayPal, so give it some thoughtful consideration this holiday season. Gift cards are also available. You can contact us at

    • December plans include: developing a Facebook page, following up with local domestic violence shelters to coordinate communication with women and families across the borders, and also with both Apple and Hewlett Packard to secure computers and internet time to facilitate this communication.

    Thanks again to everyone who is supporting this effort. I look forward to many more happenings and your feedback and suggestions.

    Donna Sperry, Grace4Women, Director.

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